Ziehl Abegg Fan Controller


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Operating / Assembly Instructions

***Please note that this product will need to be wired and assembled. A schematic is provided by the supplier but if you are unsure of how to do this then there are video instructions in the FAQ section below***

Offering a silent way to reduce the airflow of a fan, the Ziehl Abegg Voltage Stepping Fan Speed Controller is a robust and reliable addition to any grow room.

Manually adjustable through five different voltage levels corresponding to fan speeds, the advantage of the voltage stepper over variable resistors is the lack of hum created by the resistance.

As well as being unwanted noise, this hum is also a sign that the capacitors in the fan are being put under strain and their lifespan is being reduced. This is especially true when a variable resistor is used with the larger inline fans.

The Ziehl Abegg Voltage Stepping Fan Speed Controller is available in either the 1.5A or 3.5A sizes, as a rough guide the 1.5A is fine for any of the RUCK fans including the 250L (High Power) which uses 0.9A. You could also use up to two 150L (High Power) using 0.5A each with a two-gang extension.

For multiple 200L (High Power) or 250L(High Power) RUCK fans  you will need the 3.5A Ziehl Abegg Voltage Stepper.

Highly recommended.  

Ziehl Abegg Fan Controller FAQ's:

How Do I Wire This Fan Speed Controller?

We've put together this video guide to help you wire your fan speed controller with ease. We also provide you with the T15 Star Screwdriver when you buy this controller. The other items needed for assembly are widely available from most supermarkets or hardware stores.

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