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The innovative Wilma Systems combine the ease of growing in pots with the benefits of automated, timer-based feeding. Hand-watering your plants daily can not only be an inconvenience, but it also comes with the risk of overwatering and overfeeding, which is a common problem for many growers.

Wilma Systems use a re-circulating hydroponic drip-feed system that can be used with a variety of growing media. For simplicity and the best results we always recommend using clay pebbles with the Wilma pots. Clay pebbles ensure the roots of your plants get plenty of aeration to encourage growth. They also limit the maintenance of adapting these systems for absorbent media like soil (which often requires a set-up with a separate nutrient tank).

It has long been known that watering and feeding plants little and often can boost growth and overall yields compared to watering and feeding once a day. One of the key benefits of the Wilma System is the ability to stagger watering and feeding so your plants get a regular supply of nutrients and water without running the risk of over-doing it.

The Wilma System is also a wise step for any grower looking to make the transition from soil to hydroponic gardening. The pots keep the familiarity of soil-based systems whereas the automated feeding introduces growers to this beneficial aspect of hydroponic gardening.

These XL Wilma Systems have a reservoir volume of 70 litres and the tray measures 90cm x 90cm x 20cm. There are three different pot sizes that come with these systems; 11 litre pots, 18 litre pots, and 25 litre pots.

You can choose a complete system with one of these pot sizes, but they are designed to be fully interchangeable so when it comes to repotting you can do this with ease without having to purchase a new system.

The complete Wilma kit contains a tank, tray, pots, pump, delivery system, flood drippers, arrow drippers, and complete instructions for effortless set up.

Please note that to set feeding schedules you will also need to purchase a timer. We recommend the Grasslin Segmental Timer (See FAQs below) as it’s easy to use, inexpensive, and can be set at handy 15-minute intervals over a 24hr period.

Wilma Systems are available in a range of sizes, from small to XXL to suit a whole host of growing environments. So if this system isn’t the right size, check out the others as there’s sure to be one to suit your needs.

Key features of the XL Wilma System include:

  • Ideal for use in 1.5m x 1.5m grow tents / environments
  • Flood and arrow drippers to suit all growing needs
  • Versatile and can be used with virtually all growing media
  • Combines simplicity of pots with benefits of automated feeding
  • Interchangeable pot sizes for effortless replanting

Wilma Systems are an innovative product and a fantastic introduction to automated feeding and watering. They reduce the burden of having to hand-water your plants daily and minimise the risk of overwatering / overfeeding. Plus they are great for any growers wanting to test the transition from soil to hydroponic gardening.

Wilma System XL (90cm X 90cm) FAQ's:

Do I need different trays for the different pot sizes?

It depends on your growing needs. There are two trays available with the large Wilma Systems; a four pot tray that is designed for use with the 18 and 25 litre pots and an eight pot tray that is designed for use with the 11 litre pots.

Why is there no timer supplied with the kit?

Although a timer is needed to schedule feeding there are many different timers that will work with the Wilma Systems, and every gardener will have their preference (for example a digital timer may be great for one grower and a segmental timer great for another).

Timers are easily attainable and we recommend the Grasslin Segmental Timer as it is inexpensive, can be set at 15-minute intervals over a 24hr period, and is easy to set-up and use.

Should I use flood or arrow drippers?

This really depends on the growing media you decide to use. If you use our recommendation of clay pebbles then the flood drippers are most suitable for delivering water and nutrients. If you go for a more absorbent growing media such as soil or coco, then the arrow drippers are the most effective method of delivering water and nutrients.

Why do you recommend clay pebbles?

Because Wilma Systems are based on active hydroponics and clay pebbles will not only make using the system easier than other growing media, but they will also help you get the most out of your plants as the root zone (and your plants) will reap the benefits of extra oxygenation at the root zone - one of the main benefits of using pebbles.

I’ve been told dripper systems can clog, are these systems easy to maintain?

It is true that dripper based systems can have a tendency to clog or become partially blocked over time. However, many products exist that will effectively clean the system. We recommend using a product such as ATA Clean from Atami and as with any growing system; we advise cleaning it regularly to ensure optimum performance.

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