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Wilma systems combine the simplicity of gardening in pots with the advantages of timer automated feeding. These clever systems ensure you can grow great plants with minimum fuss.

Wilma pots are essentially a re-circulating hydroponic system but they are able to be used with a variety of growing media; including soil, clay pebbles, coco, and rockwool. However, we always recommend using the Wilma Systems with clay pebbles as this will provide extra aeration at the root zone for boosted growth and simplifies the set-up and use of these systems.

These systems are the ideal ‘stepping stone’ from hand-watered soil gardening to automated gardening using active hydroponic growing methods. When using a timer with these systems (not included) you have the freedom of setting feeding schedules which reduces the maintenance requirements of looking after your plants.

There are also many advantages to using a timer for little but often feeding over hand watering once a day. A ‘little but often’ schedule ensures your plants have a constant supply of the water and nutrients they need without running the risk of overwatering / overfeeding.

These small Wilma Systems have a reservoir volume of 30 litres and the tray measures 60cm x 60cm x 20cm. Both are four pot systems available with either 6 litre pots or 11 litre pots. These pots are fully interchangeable as the tray is a standard size so you can replant hassle-free without the need to buy another system.

If you’d like a larger system, then we also have medium, large, and XL Wilma Systems available.

The complete Wilma kit contains a tank, tray, pots, pump, delivery system, flood drippers, arrow drippers, and full instructions for set up.

Key features of the small Wilma System include:

  • Ideal for use in 1m x 1m grow tents / environments
  • Flood and arrow drippers to suit all growing needs
  • Versatile and can be used with virtually all growing media
  • Benefits of automated feeding combined with the simplicity of growing in pots
  • Interchangeable pot sizes for effortless replanting

Wilma Systems are the perfect stepping stone from soil to hydro and great for reducing the burden / maintenance of hand watering your plants daily. The timer system allows plants to be fed little and often which is shown to be an effective way to boost growth and increase overall yield. We recommend using Wilma Systems with clay pebbles for ease of use and best results.

Wilma System Small (60cm X 60cm) FAQ's:

Do I need different trays for the 6L and 11L pots?

No, the pot tray for the small Wilma System is designed to be used with both the 6 litre and 11 litre pots so there’s no need to purchase a separate pot tray when it comes to replanting.

Are timers included with the kit?

No, the complete Wilma Systems do not come supplied with a timer. However, you will need a timer to set the feeding / watering schedules. We recommend using the Grasslin Segmental Timer which is a reliable timer, easy to set up, divided into 15-minute intervals over 24hrs, and is cheaper than the cost of purchasing a digital timer.

Why are two different drippers supplied?

This is to accommodate for the versatility in the choice of growing media that can be used with Wilma Systems. If you decide to grow using clay pebbles then the flood drippers are most suitable for use with this growing medium. If you decide to grow in more absorbent growing media like soil, coco, or rockwool, then the arrow drippers work best.

Why do you recommend clay pebbles as a growing medium?

To get the full benefits of a Wilma System clay pebbles are the most suitable growing medium to use. Clay pebbles are great for getting more oxygen to the roots which enhances growth and all in all makes the Wilma Systems much more manageable / easier to set up than other growing media.

For example, if you chose to use soil as a medium then you would need an extra nutrient tank which will not only create added yet unnecessary maintenance, but will also limit the amount of oxygen at the root zone. From our experience clay pebbles in Wilma pots tend to get the best results.

I’ve heard drip systems have a tendency to become clogged or blocked, can I prevent this happening?

It is true that drippers can become slightly blocked or clogged over time. However, there are great cleaning products that help maintain dripper systems. We recommend using Atami’s ATA Clean.

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