Vitalink Coir Max

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VitaLink Coir MAX is an advanced yet easy-to-use coco coir formulation that is scientifically proven to deliver excellent plant results. VitaLink Coir MAX has been developed specifically for the unique properties of coco coir media and contains a key level of all elements including added EDDHA (increases iron availability) and fulvic acid (aids nutrient uptake).

Coir MAX A+B set:

  • Two part complete plant feed formulated for maximum growth in coco coir media.
  • Should be used from week 1 of vegetation right until flowering week 8.
  • Formulated for soft water and hard water locations.
  • Available in 1L, 5L and 10L bottles.
  • Dosage: Young plants = 1-2ml/L. Mature plants = 3-4ml/L.

Vitalink Coir Max FAQ's:

How does this product compare to other coir feeds on the market?

It's one of the better coir nutrients, we would put it a bit behind the ever popular Canna Coco but in front of Ionic & Plant Magic.

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