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Vitalink Buddy

Vitalink Buddy
Vitalink Buddy

VitaLink Buddy is a popular additive packed full of ‘flower boosting’ goodness. Coming in a highly concentrated form, using only a little of this stuff goes a very long way. Designed for use alongside VitaLink’s A+B complete flowering fertiliser; VitaLink Buddy helps increase flower / fruit production and overall promotes heavier and larger flowers and fruits – ensuring you get the most out of your plants.

One of the great features of VitaLink Buddy is the use of phosphite – the plant-usable version of phosphorus. Most other plant nutrient brands include their phosphorus in the form of plant-usable phosphate. Although phosphate works great for boosting the availability of this flower / fruit stimulating element, it isn’t the most effective method of delivering phosphorus to your plants.

Instead, VitaLink Buddy uses a specific ratio of both phosphite and phosphate. This careful blend has been scientifically proven to accelerate the uptake of phosphorus by plant root systems as well as enhance plant defence systems, protecting them from common disease problems such as Pythium (root rot).

Alongside phosphorus, VitaLink Buddy also contains a high-quality form of the other flower / fruit boosting element potassium. Together, you get a concentrated form of the two elemental additives that will give your plants a real boost during the flowering / fruiting stages of development.

Key features of VitaLink Buddy include:

  • Specific phosphite / phosphate ratio for optimum results
  • High potassium to nitrogen ratio to promote floral / fruit growth
  • Optimum potassium / magnesium levels for better nutrient uptake at root zone
  • Highly concentrated formula – use only a small amount to get great results

Our Opinion

We’ve stocked VitaLink products since we began over a decade ago and overall they are easy on plants and an effective collection of complete fertilisers and additives. We really like VitaLink Buddy as it uses a specific phosphite / phosphate ratio that's scientifically proven to enhance uptake and protect from disease. We recommend using this alongside VitaLink’s Bloom nutrients for best results.

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Frequently asked questions:
Can I use VitaLink Buddy with all growing media?

Yes, VitaLink Buddy can be used effectively in Soil, Coco / Coir, and Hydroponics based systems.

How do I use this product?

Vitalink Buddy is highly concentrated and you only need to use a tiny amount with your regular feeding schedule. You should only start using this product once your plants enter the fourth week of their flowering / fruiting stage of development.

Then, alongside your complete flowering fertiliser you should use 1ml per litre of water in both hydroponic and soil systems, and 0.5ml per litre of water in coco / coir based systems. Continue to use with every feeding until one week before you harvest your plants.

Always shake well before use and for best results use alongside one of VitaLink’s complete bloom fertilisers, such as Vitalink Max Bloom.

Why use a flowering additive?

Although a complete grow and bloom fertiliser will suffice in giving plants the basic nutrients they need to grow healthily from seedlings to harvest, using additives such as VitaLink Buddy is what makes plants excel and grow to the best of their ability.

These additives contain all the extra nutrition plants need to really thrive. For example, VitaLink Buddy is packed full of potassium and phosphorus which are known to accelerate the flowering / fruiting process and boost overall yields.

Should I add this before or after adding the main fertiliser to the nutrient solution?

We’d personally recommend adding VitaLink Buddy before adding the main fertiliser because it will change the Electrical Conductivity (EC) level of the nutrient solution. Adding before will make it easier for you to reach the desired EC level.

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