Sunking Mini 8 150W Grow Light

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The Sunking Mini 8 grow light is the smallest HID grow light we sell and is available with a 150W Sunmaster Dual Spectrum lamp, a 150W Sunmaster metal halide lamp, or both as a package.

The reflector is quality and puts down a perfect square footprint of 75cm2. As it's HID it will penetrate much better into the canopy than a 250W CFL, and runs slightly cooler.

The Mini 8 are perfect for 60cm grow tents such as the DS60 and DR60, but can also be used in a square of four systems covering 1.2 to 1.5m2 to really get some light penetration down into your canopy - as the lamps run so cool you get them right down on top of the plants.

We highly rate these versatile little grow lights, they work in a variety of situations and the lack of heat gives you the benefits of HID without the heat issues. If you are thinking about using 250W CFL we would strongly recommend you consider these instead if it's practical for your growing area - HID is generally more effective than CFL and this grow light package is a good example of this.

Highly recommended.

***Please retain original packaging for your lamps to validate the 12 month warranty***

Sunking Mini 8 150W Grow Light FAQ's:

Does this light need a contactor/relay, or can it be used with just a Grasslin timer?

It's fine with just a Grasslin Timer, generally speaking you don't need a controller until you get to 250W HID.

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