SMS Twin Fan Speed Controller 4.5A

SMS Twin Fan Speed Controller
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SMS Twin Fan Speed Controller SMS Controller Detail

Out of stock until 31st Jan 2017
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The SMS Twin Fan Speed Controller is a fantastic bit of kit that will maintain a steady flow of air from your fans to optimumise temperature and humidity levels.  The software controlled unit will scan your room for 5 minutes using the in-built probe to make an evaluation of the required output of each fan.  It will then supply a consistent output to your grow room to within +/-1 degree of the desired setting. 

The SMS Twin Fan Speed Controller will continue to evaluate the environment during the course of the cycle to gradually amend output as required.  This gradual change reduces wear on your fan and also drastically cuts noise levels.  It also creates a more stable growing environment for your plants by cutting temperature fluctuations.

NTC Temperature sensor of 2 metre 4K7 at 25ᵒC 

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