SMS Smart Controller 5A

SMS Smart Controller 5A
SMS Smart Controller 5A

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The SMS Smart Controller differs from the standard Fan Controllers in that it ensures a consistent output level from your fan to meet your temperature requirements.  By contrast the SMS Fan Controller with Thermostat will keep the fan idle and only fire up when the temperature exceeds your required setting.  This SMS Smart Controller will scan your room for 5 minutes when activated and then gradually increase or decrease fan speed based on the current temperature to maintain a more constant humidity level.  The Smart Controller is software controlled and will keep your room temperature to within +/-1 degree of the desired level.  

The key benefits of running a fan at a constant speed is that you avoid temperature spikes, and fan noise is minimised. 

NTC Temperature probe 2 meter included

Maximum room size: 4250m³ 

If you are running more than one fan, you may want to consider the SMS Twin Fan Speed Controller or the SMS Twin Fan Speed Controller Pro


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