1. Diamond Grow Reflective Sheeting

    This highly reflective, lightproof sheeting is the embossed version of Mylar and is designed to eliminate hot-spots in your grow room. Diamond Grow sheeting offers 100% lightproofing and is PET coated to make it harder wearing, as well as being crea...

  2. Black and White Sheeting

    Black and White Sheeting is a cost-effective way to create your own growing environment by reducing external light and reflecting grow lamps. Available in two metre wide or eight metre wide sizes, this sheeting provides a cheap way to convert a room...

    As low as++ £1.95
  3. Total Blackout 3m Wide

    Total Blackout is an extremely effective sheeting for lining your grow room as it combines 100% lightproofing with highly reflective white colouring on both sides. The sheeting is made from triple layered plastic sheeting – a layer of white, then ...

  4. Shade Netting

    Shade netting is an ideal way of protecting young plants from the intensity of HID lighting once they’ve been moved from propagation. The netting will reduce the light reaching the plants by 50% and help reduce heat stress which can cause plants to...

  5. Floor Secure

    Designed to protect the floors of grow rooms from water damage, Floor Secure is basically a damp-proof membrane (DPM) that is thick enough for heavy traffic. This product is also very useful for stopping any pests getting into the carpet of your gro...

  6. Velcro Strips

    Velcro is a useful way of attaching sheeting together with the advantage that it can be used over and over again. Both the ‘hook’ and ‘loop’ sides of the Velcro come with peel-off adhesive backing to allow you to attach the V...


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