Secret Jardin T90

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The Secret Jardin T90 is a two chamber grow tent measuring 90cm wide by 90cm deep by 220cm high. The bottom propagation area is 60cm high and the top section can take up to 30kg in total weight.

At 90cm x 90cm x 160cm the upstairs growing area of the T90 is suitable for CFL, LED and 250W HID use and the downstairs propagation area has an isolation gap above it to stop heat transfer down below - the 90cm by 90cm propagation area is big enough to take two commercial propagators.

This two chamber tent can be used for growing plants to maturity but is also a great mother plant propagation tent, it's also worth considering the excellent three chamber Secret Jardin Lodge which has separate chambers for full cycle growing, mother plants and propagation.

Highly recommended.

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