Secret Jardin L160

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The Secret Jardin Lodge L160 measures 160cm wide by 120cm deep by 205cm high.

The tent is basically a DR120 with a 40cm twin level extension off the right hand side - this gives you three different growing areas:-

The main growing area 120cm wide x 120cm deep x 205cm high - the only difference between this DR120 is that it is 5cm higher and one of the cooltube socks is vertical, as the wall it usually enters through is blocked by the growing chamber.

The top side chamber measures 40cm wide x 120cm deep by 120cm high. This section works well for a mother plant or hardening off cuttings.

The bottom side chamber measures 40cm wide x 120cm deep x 80 cm high and is perfect for propagators.

Overall we have to say that this is one of the most innovative tents on the market and we really like it, it's not much extra money but keeps everything neat and compact.

You can set the tent up to run off one fan by adding a T-Piece into the ducting, if you are not sure how this works give us a call and we will talk you through what you need to buy, and how to set it up.

Great tent - highly recommended.


How difficult is the Secret Jardin L160 to erect?

Pretty easy, here's a video that walks you through it:

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