Secret Jardin DS90

Darkroom street DS90 II
Darkroom street DS90 II

The new Dark Street 90 II measures 90cm x 90cm x 185cm and features:

  • Strong, simple to use roof support system
  • Highly reflective (95%) light-tight material
  • Sealable, removable ventilation flaps on bottom of tent
  • Cable access ports top and bottom
  • 150mm top vent
  • 150mm bottom vent

The DS90 II is a well-made, easy to use grow tent that’s perfectly suited to use with high-powered CFL lights (200W & 250W) or lower-powered HID grow lights (250W). The improved reflective material makes the most of all available light and its compact dimensions mean it can be used in spaces other tents would struggle to fit into.

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Dark Street DS90 II

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