Secret Jardin DS120 - Rev.4

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The Secret Jardin Dark Street DS120 Revision 4 Grow Tent measures 120cm x 120cm x 198cm.

The main difference between the Revision 4 and its predecessor is in the inclusion of the new ducting brackets and flanges enabling you to position the intake and extraction vents to suit your situation, also the new CableIt product allows the user to install a cable port at the most convenient place through the wall of the tent.  See the video below in FAQ's and this will become a little clearer. 

The Revision 4 is a tent which requires the end user to cut ventilation and cable holes as required - it has no pre-cut ports/socks for intake and extraction when it comes out of the box - it could be decribed as a customisable tent.  If you are looking for a more familiar 'plug-and-play' solution which dictates where the ducting and cables pass through the tent then look to the DR120 (see related items below) - these two models are now at the same price-point.

The DS120 R4 features:

  • A strong, easy to use roof support system
  • Highly reflective (95%) light-tight material
  • 150mm extraction vent bracket, cutting kit and flange
  • 150mm intake vent bracket, cutting kit and light baffle.
  • 1 X cable port for fitting where convenient.
  • 1 X waterproof floor liner.

The DS120 is a well-made grow tent that is suitable for use with a 600W Parabolic 100cm Grow Light and 6" extraction system.

Secret Jardin DS120 FAQ's:

What on earth is the ducting thing all about?

Take a look at this YouTube video from Secret Jardin:

How long is the guarantee for the DS120?

Every grow tent in the Secret Jardin range comes with 2 year guarantee from date you receive the tent. Any problems at all with the zippers, material etc during this period we will replace the affected part free of charge, at no cost to you. This kind of guarantee is unique to Secret Jardin and one of the main reasons we rate them so highly.

Which version is this?

This tent is currently on revision 4.

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