Secret Jardin DR90

Darkroom DR 90 II
Darkroom DR 90 II

The DR90 II sees nearly a 20% increase in growing space compared to the previous DR80 while remaining a practical size for lower ceilings.

The DR90 II measures 90cm x 90cm x 180cm (10cm taller than the Dark Street 90) and features:

  • Strong, easy to use roof support system capable of supporting up to 30kg
  • Stronger, highly reflective, light proof and washable Mylar lining
  • New engineered corner pieces that are three times stronger than before
  • Two sealable and removable 30cm x 30cm ventilation flaps
  • Cable access ports at the top and bottom
  • 200mm top vent
  • Two 200mm bottom vents
  • Comes complete with carry case and ‘S’ hooks

The DR90 II is a well-made, easy to assemble grow tent that’s perfectly suited to use with high-powered CFL lights (200W & 250W) or smaller HID lights (250W & 400W). It also has built-in 200mm ducting ports for the easy installation of air-cooled reflectors. The highly reflective Mylar lining will make the most of any light.

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Dark Room DR90 II

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