Secret Jardin DR240W

Secret Jardin 240W
Secret Jardin 240W

The DR240W II  is the next generation of one of our most popular tents and the similar design reflects this.

The DR240W II measures 120cm x 240cm x 200cm and features:

  • Strong, easy to use roof support system capable of supporting up to 40kg
  • Stronger, highly reflective, light-proof and washable Mylar lining
  • New engineered corner pieces that are three times stronger than before
  • Two sealable and removable 30cm x 30cm ventilation flaps
  • Cable access ports at the top and bottom
  • Two 250mm top vents
  • Two 250mm bottom vents
  • Comes complete with carry case and ‘S’ hooks

The DR240W II is a well-made, easy to assemble grow tent that’s suited to use with multiple large HID lights and features built-in 200mm ducting ports for the easy installation of air-cooled reflectors. The highly reflective Mylar lining will make the most of any light.

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Dark Room DR240W II

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