Secret Jardin DP120

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The DP120 Grow Tent from Secret Jardin measures 120cm long by 60cm wide by 120cm high.

The DP120 comes complete with removable shelves and a full set of trays offering great versatility.   For example half of each shelf can be removed to allow a mother plant to be growing in one end of the tent whilst the other half is given over to three levels of propagators.  Another format would be one mother plant, one standard propagator and an additional larger area (more height space) for more established seedlings or cuttings. 

It is worth noting that extraction will be required to avoid excess heat build-up if multiple fluorescent units are being installed.

Secret Jardin DP120 FAQ's:

How long is the guarantee for the DP120?

Every grow tent in the Secret Jardin range comes with 2 year guarantee from date you receive the tent. Any problems at all with the zippers, material etc during this period we will replace the affected part free of charge, at no cost to you. This kind of guarantee is unique to Secret Jardin and one of the main reasons we rate them so highly.

What version is this?

This is revision 2.6, more info here.

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