SJ Darkpropagator Tents

  1. Secret Jardin DP60

    The Secret Jardin DP60 measures 60cm x 40cm x 60cm. Features include: 100% Light tight. You can put it in a corner of your main grow room and it won't affect the dark cycle 10kg roof support. So doubles as a table, the floor space is not wasted ...

  2. Secret Jardin DP90

    The DP90 R4.00 Grow Tent from Secret Jardin measures 90cm long by 60cm wide by 98 cm high. This is the Revision 4 model doesn't feature any ducting socks straight out of the box, instead it is sold with the necessary equipment to create two 100mm ve...

  3. Secret Jardin DP120

    The DP120 from Secret Jardin measures 120cm long by 60cm wide by 120cm high. The DP120 comes complete with removable shelves and a full set of trays offering great versatility.   For example half of each shelf can be removed to allow a mother plan...


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