Rockwool Slabs

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These Mineral Wool slabs from Cultilene are used in UK commercial greenhouses and allow you to cut the fabric to the exact size you need.

In our opinion, Cultilene Mineral Wool is a superior product to Grodan Mineral Wool (commonly referred to as Rockwool).  Although both are made by melting basalt rock and spinning into thin fibres, Cultilene is spun in two directions while Grodan’s is spun in one.  This means the finished product will hold its shape better when wet. 

It also allows for an even distribution of nutrient solution at all times.

Cultilene Optimaxx Mineral Wool Slabs are available in two sizes, 150mm wide x 75mm deep x 1000mm long, or 150mm wide x 75mm deep x 1300mm long.

***Please note we only ship 1.3m Slabs to the UK mainland***

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