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Large Cultilene propagation cube
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We stock Mineral Wool from our preferred manufacturer, Cultilene.  These Propagation Cubes are an excellent alternative to Grodan Mineral Wool (commonly referred to as Rockwool), and in our experience perform better than their Grodan equivalent.  They are a great way to start your plants off.  

Both Cultilene and Grodan are manufactured from basalt rock, but Cultilene is spun in two directions, as opposed to Grodan’s single direction.  This means that Cultilene retains its shape even when soaked.  Grodan has a tendency to go a bit soggy – as many of you will know! 

The propagation cubes are available in either 25mm x 25mm x 40mm in trays of 150, or 36mm x 36mm x 40mm in trays of either 24 or 77. As a size guide, the smaller cubes will fit into the three-inch Cultilene Transplanting Cubes with the small hole, the larger ones in the large hole. The larger size will also fit into the mesh propagation pots in the X-Stream propagators 

There are also round propagation ‘cubes’ in the 36mm size, available in trays of 84, which slot into the larger transplanting cubes perfectly.

All sizes are interchangeable with Grodan Mineral Wool.

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