Ram Humidifiers

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Ram Humidifiers are high quality, small to medium growing area sized humidifiers that can provide up to 400ml per hour of water vapour into your growroom.

The output is control by a simple adjustable dial on the front of the unit and the tank can hold up to 5 litres. In real life this gives you around a day’s worth of humidity output per unit if you run the unit at full power, if you need more than this then using multiple units is an option. Grasslin timers can be used to only have them working when the lights are on, if low night time humidity is not an issue.

As they’re designed for growroom use you will get less problems with these humidifiers than other models aimed at the residential and health markets that are designed without growroom extraction in mind - overall this is a very well-designed product suitable for small to medium sized growing areas.

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