RAM Air Pro

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The RAM Air Pro fan speed controller is a thoughtfully designed and well put-together bit of kit that offers excellent value for money.

The unit has 3 dials:

1. Minimum fan speed. This sets the speed the fans will idle at once the desired room temperature is achieved.

2. Balance Control. When the dial is turned all the way to the left, both fans will run at the same speed. When set all the way to the right, the extraction fan will run at twice the speed of the intake fan. You can therefore play with this dial to get your preferred negative pressure, even with two fans of the same size.

3. Temperature Control. This sets the desired room temperature.

The RAM Air Pro can handle 1.4 amps per socket, which is enough for any of the fans we sell up to 250mm. The onboard software will try it’s best to maintain a steady fan speed - it’s not prone to constantly ramping up and down as some other controllers tend to do.

Most fans seem happy enough with low - medium hum, however with controllers in the £100-£200 range you have to expact some noise on the fans.

Overall for the price, this is one of the better controllers on the market. If it were to incorporate frequency control into the software, it would probably be the market leader.


RAM Air Pro FAQ's:

Are they simple enough to use?

Yeah, very simple. Take a quick look at the video from the manufacturer:

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