• Rockwool Cubes
    Rockwool Cubes

    Rockwool Propagation Cubes, Rockwool Transplanting Cubes, Grodan Cubes, ...

  • Jiffy 7
    Jiffy 7

    Jiffy 7 Peat Pellets 41mm, Jiffy 7C Coir Pellets, Jiffy Coir Pots, ...

  • Root Riot
    Root Riot

    Root Riot is a ready-to-go, organic propagation cube for use with seeds and cuttings. With the same dimensions as the ‘1-inch' rockwool cube they are suitable for transplanting into any growing system. Composed of ground coir and an organic polymer their structure provides the perfect air/water ratio for faster, more vigorous rooting. Each cube is inoculated with the micro-nutrients and be...

  • Clonex and Scalpels
    Clonex and Scalpels

    Clonex, Formulex, Scalpels, ...

  • Propagators

    Unheated Propagators, ROOT IT Budget Propagator, ...

  • Lighting

    Maxibright T5 Lightwave, Maxibright Propagation Lights, 55W Fluorescent, ...

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