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  1. Plant Magic Soil Supreme 50L

    Plant Magic Soil Supreme would be classed as a ‘light-mix’ soil as it blended with a level of organic growth stimulant containing Humic and Fulvic acids to get your plants off to a flying start. The organic growth stimulant and well aerated stru...

  2. Canna Terra Professional Plus

    Canna Terra Professional Plus is a pure potting mix soil that’s composed of the finest quality white peat moss and organic tree bark. The peat moss allows for lots of aeration at the root zone and the tree bark used has an antiseptic action to ...

  3. Plagron Bat Mix Soil

    Plagron’s flagship soil, BatMix is in our opinion currently the best soil available for organic growing. It contains all of the usual ingredients that you find in it’s competitors such as Canna’s professional range and Biobizz&rsqu...

  4. Plagron Light Mix Soil

    Plagron Light Mix is a lightly fertilised organic soil mixed with perlite and is ideal for use as a potting soil with young plants. We also recommend using a light mix for all soil grows as the ability to add nutrients as required gives you more con...

  5. BioBizz Pre Mix

    BioBizz Pre-Mix is an organic base fertiliser derived from organic matter, rock meal and trace elements. This microbially active blend is formulated to guarantee vigorous growth, abundant flowering and a good level of natural disease resistance. Pr...

    As low as++ £10.45
  6. Biobizz Worm Humus

    We have done quite a bit of research into finding a high quality, fully organic worm cast at the right price for our customers, and in Holland we finally found it with BioBizz Worm Humus. The quality is superb and the price is within the realms of r...


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