Pots & Trays

  • Airpots
    Air Pots

    1L Airpots, 3L Airpots, 6L Airpots, 9L Airpots, 15L Airpots, 20L Airpots, ...

  • Square Pots
    Square Pots

    6 Litre Square Pot, 11 Litre Pots, ...

  • Heavy Duty Black Plastic Pots
    Heavy Duty Black Plastic Pots

    Heavy Duty Growing Pots, Saucers, ...

  • Garden Trays From Garland
    Garden Trays

    Square Garden Tray, Jumbo Garden Tray, Giant Garden Tray, Titan Garden Tray, 1m Square Garden Tray, Maxi Garden Tray, ...

  • Flexitank

    Autopot Flexitanks are lightweight, foldable water butts suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Benefits include: Fit into spaces other water butts can’t go, attics being a very common use Discreet to ship and install, folds down into small flat packed package - the 400 Litre and 750 Litre sizes open up much larger water storage options of most growers Easy to move from growroom to growroom Va...

  • Flexi-Tray

    Flexi-Trays are incredibly useful, multi-purpose garden trays available in three different square sizes - 80cm, 100cm, 120cm. Depth is 10cm, a 5cm deep version is also available on request. The Flexi-Tray can be used as a water proof flooring for grow tents, as a water tight propagation area for multiple pots or anywhere where spills and splashes could cause damage to carpets or furniture. Be...

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