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  1. Mammoth P

    Mammoth P is a genuinely ground-breaking and unique product based on high level bio-chemistry and extensive research by GrowCentia in Colorado. This product is all about unlocking the Phosphorus already in the system and making it available to the p...

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  2. Ecothrive Charge

    Ecothrive Charge is a soil association approved 100% organic soil improver made entirely from droppings of the Tenebrio Molitor Beetles (basically it’s dried mealworm waste). Insect Frass has a very high content of beneficial microorganisms and na...

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  3. Ecothrive Biosys

    Ecothrive Biosys is a potent, easy to apply blend of microbes and plant growth stimulants that work effectively and quickly to increase the quality of all growing mediums - soil, coco and hydroponic. Ecothrive Biosys contains biological catalysts th...

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  4. Silver Bullet Roots

    Silver Bullet Roots is a powerful, highly effective nutrient solution additive that is used in hydroponics systems to keep roots free of disease and pathogens. The product is based on symbiotic combination of silver and hydrogen peroxide. The silver...

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  5. Xtreme Azos

    Fresh from the United States, Xtreme Gardening’s Azos is a product of Reforestation Technologies International (RTI), one of the oldest and most renowned producers of biologically-inspired plant products. First isolated in the Amazon Rainforest, A...

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  6. Xtreme Mykos

    Already a big hit across the pond, Xtreme Gardening products are the retail arm of Reforestation Technologies International (RTI); the United States’ oldest-running and highly regarded producer of Mycorrhizal Inoculum. Mykos is an all-natural,...

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  7. Superthrive

    Superthrive has been used in the horticulture and agriculture industry since 1940 and is a renowned nontoxic vitamin and amino acid growth promoter from the USA. It can be used on a daily basis to promote and boost growth but it is also a brilliant ...

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  8. Nitrozyme

    Nitrozyme is a pure and highly concentrated extract of marine plants that can be used as a seed treatment, foliar feed, or hydroponic tank additive. However, by far it's most common and effective use is as a foliar spray for mother plants - a good ...

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  9. Hygrozyme

    Hygrozyme is a complex formula packed full of enzymes that eat away at the dead organic root matter building up on your growing media.  It works with all types of substrate including coco, mineral wool and soil.   As dead matter is broken ...

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  10. Plagron Bat Guano

    Plagron Bat Guano is a nutritious and finely balanced fertilizer that promotes healthy growth and lends a sweeter taste & smell to your plants.  Simply place on the top of the pot where the soil has been exhausted and then water as usual.  Alte...

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  11. BudLink

    A true plant health product in terms of how it works, silicon additives are widely used in the Australian commercial hydroponic industry for their plant health benefits offering amongst other things a good degree of heat stress protection, obviously ...

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