Phonic Trap Ducting

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Phonic Trap ducting is the latest development in acoustically insulated ducting.

Phonic Trap works along the same principles as traditional acoustic ducting: it has a partially permeable inner membrane allowing the sound to pass through the inner core and be dampened by the insulative material within the wall of the ducting. 

In traditional acoustic ducting the inner core is perforated aluminium, in Phonic trap it is a woven material allowing the sound waves to penetrate and be silenced more effectively.

In traditional acoustic ducting the insulation is glass-fibre, in Phonic Trap it is a dense foam wadding which makes the Phonic Trap infinitely nicer to work with.   

All in all it is a very welcome evolution in acoustic ducting, it is more robust and effective than the previous best option, though the manufacturing and high quality materials used make it significantly more expensive.  That said, we have been selling this in the shop for over a year and long term customers come and pay the extra money with a smile knowing they are avoiding yet another battle with the highly irritating glass-fibre based option!

Available in 6m or 10m lengths.

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