PH & Nutrient Control

  • pH Down and pH Up
    pH Down and pH Up

    The pH levels in all hydroponics systems need to be carefully monitored and controlled. The ideal pH range of nutrient solutions in a hydroponic set-up should be somewhere between 5.6 and 6.2. pH levels can easily be controlled with the help of either a pH up or pH down solution. If your pH levels are outside the recommended range then your system is at a high risk of causing harm to your plants. ...

  • HM Digital Ph Meter
    PH and EC Control

    HM Digital pH Meter, HM Digital EC Meter, PH Pen Calibration Fluid, EC Pen Calibration Fluid, Liquid Silicon, PH Test Kits, ...

  • Nutrient Management
    Nutrient Management

    Jager Water Heaters, Syringes, UV Balance, ATA Clean, House and Garden Drip Clean, Canna D Block, GHE FloraKleen, ...

  • Bluelab Meters
    Bluelab Meters

    BlueLab Truncheon, Bluelab Combo Meter, Bluelab Guardian, ...


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