Nutrient Management

  1. Jager Water Heaters

    Fully submersible, shatter proof and extremely reliable nutrient solution heaters from German manufacturers Eheim. Drop them, have them half in half out of the water and they will not break. Features auto safety shut-off, accurate temperature control...

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  2. pH Down and pH Up

    The pH levels in all hydroponics systems need to be carefully monitored and controlled. The ideal pH range of nutrient solutions in a hydroponic set-up should be somewhere between 5.6 and 6.2. pH levels can easily be controlled with the help of eithe...

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  3. Liquid Silicon

    Useful as an alternative to PH Up when using a nutrient that does not contain silica....

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  4. PH Test Kits

    These liquid pH testers are a very economical way to monitor the pH level of your nutrient solution. Each kit consists of 20ml of reagent, a small phial and a colour chart to translate your result into a pH value.  Two pH ranges are available: 6.0 -...

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  5. Syringes

    Makes precise measuring of small amounts of fluid easy - available in 20ml and 50ml sizes....

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  6. UV Balance

    Ionic UV Balance is an essential product for replacing lost minerals, something which occurs when using ozone and UV generators. Ozone generators are an effective and increasingly popular way of dealing with waterborne pathogens such as Pythium; how...

  7. ATA Clean

    ATA Clean is a cleaning agent for all types of irrigation systems - it prevents and removes calcium, iron phosphate and algae mineral deposits in irrigation lines, on pumps and in nutrient tanks. Suitable for use in all types of irrigations sys...

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  8. House & Garden Drip Clean

    Drip Clean is a cleaning agent recommended to be used with drip irrigation systems or gravity fed systems (such as IWS Dripper Systems and Autopots) It contains potassium and phosphorus compounds that have had part of their chemical structure remov...

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  9. Canna D BLock 1 Litre

    Canna D Block is a nutrient additive designed to prevent buiild up of salts within irrigation lines and spray heads. It should be added right from the start of the growing cycle at 10ml per 100ml of nutrient solution - if used like this then you will...

  10. GHE FloraKleen

    FloraKleen from General Hydroponics is a unique salt clearing solution that can be used during the cultivation of your plants and as a flushing agent prior to harvesting. It is primarily designed for use in all types of hydroponic systems where the b...

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