NFT Systems

  1. GT205i

    An ideal introduction to hydroponics, the GT205i NFT Grotank is a well-designed, easy to use system that is a convenient size for smaller grow tents and rooms. The ‘Nutrient Film Technique’ utilises a nutrient tank with a tray on top fed by a pu...

  2. GT424

    The GT424 measures 112cm long x 49cm wide x 21cm high and can comfortably take up to 4 plants. We would recommend one 400 watt light over this system, two GT424's side by side with one 400W light over each also works very well. Comes with white cor...

  3. GT604

    The top selling GT604 measures 153cm long x 49cm wide x 19cm high, holds 60 litres of nutrient solution when full and can comfortably grow up to 6 plants. One 600 watt light works well over this system, or for optimum results try two GT604's side by...

  4. GT100

    Designed to maximize the lighting potential of a 600W HID, the GT100 NFT Grotank offers a square metre of growing space with an easy-to-install, recirculating hydroponic system. The GT100 is basically a 100 litre nutrient tank with a top tray fed by...

  5. Multiduct NFT 3-Channel

    The MD100, 200 and 300 are great NFT systems for larger projects.
    Unfortunately these larger NFT systems are only available in store at the moment.

    As low as++ £169.95
  6. Multiduct NFT 2-Channel

    The 2-channel Multiduct systems are great NFT systems for even larger projects!
    These monster NFT systems are only available in store at the moment.

    As low as++ £219.95
  7. Spreader Mat

    Spreader mat is used to line the bed of NFT Grotanks and break the surface tension of the nutrient solution, ensuring it spreads evenly across the surface of the top tray. The matting is made of finely layered strands of fibre to allow the solution ...

    As low as++ £2.60
  8. Correx

    Correx top plates for use in the Nutriculture range of Grotanks....

    As low as++ £2.40

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NFT Hydroponics Buyers Guide

Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) is a very popular method of hydroponic growing that is used widely in both residential and commercial hydroponics. Allot of the salad crops you buy from the big UK supermarkets have been grown in NFT - in allot of countries it is actually very difficult to buy salad crops that have been grown in soil.

How does NFT work?

NFT is brilliantly simple - the roots sit in a thin film of oxygen rich water that flows via gravity on an approx 1:40 slope - for every 40cm centimetres of flow the channel drops by one centimetre. This keeps the flow at a level that the roots find comfortable and are able to take what they need from the solution.

NFT is what's known as a "recirculating hydroponic" system, the water is pumped up to the top of the channel and turned into the film that flows back down over the roots before being collected in the tank and pumped back up to the top all over again. This closed type of system saves water, and as long has the tank capacity is enough for the type and requirements of the plant, means that a once daily check and top up of the solution is normally enough to keep everything in balance.

Which NFT System should I buy?

We stock several different sizes of NFT systems - they all come from the same UK manufacturer and are tried and tested for domestic use of two decades. The GT205, GT424, GT604 and GT100 are meant for smaller growing spaces and grow tents, the Multiduct 2 & 3 channel kits are for larger growing areas and require a bit more work to set up and operate.

More Info

We have over 13 years’ experience of selling and operating these system - if you have any questions about any aspect of using these products please get in touch.

Wikipedia has a good info page here.

Video showing the basics here:

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