Mid Series Hydro Kit - Small

Small Mid Series Grow Tent Kit Hydro
Small Mid Series Grow Tent Kit Hydro

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Our complete grow tent kits are a stress-free way to buy all the products you need to set up a fully functional grow room and start cultivating plants at home. All you have to do is find a kit that matches your needs and your budget and in a matter of minutes you can be all set and ready to get growing. 

This particular kit is our mid-range small hydroponics kit and it comes complete with a grow tent, grow light, hydro system, nutrients and a range of accessories to give you a full growing package. The hydro system supplied is a Wilma 4 System, which is versatile enough to meet the demands of seasoned growers and simple enough to be comfortably maintained by those that have a little experience with growing plants. 

What’s in the kit?

  • Secret Jardin DS90 (90cm x 90cm x 170cm)
  • Parabolic Reflector (80cm)
  • Maxibright Digilight 400W 
  • Sunmaster Dual Spectrum Lamp 400W
  • Maxiswitch 2-Way Light Controller with Grasslin Timer
  • Pair of Easy-Rolls
  • Ruck RK125L Inline Fan
  • Rhino Pro Filter 125/300
  • Standard Ducting 125mm with clips
  • Wilma 4-Pot System
  • Clay Pebbles 55L
  • Hesi Hydro Nutrient Starter Kit
  • Hesi Boost 1L
  • Plant Magic Evolution 125ml
  • pH Up 250ml / pH Down 250ml
  • 6-Inch Clip-On Fan
  • HM Digital PH Pen
  • Budget EC Pen
  • Digital Nutrient Thermometer With Remote Sensor

With those items you’ll have everything you need to create an optimum growing environment for your plants. We also offer a value hydro kit for those on a budget and an advanced hydro kit for those who want the best results possible from their plants.

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