Mid Series Hydro Kit - Medium

Medium Mid Series Grow Tent Kit Hydro
Medium Mid Series Grow Tent Kit Hydro

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A complete grow tent kit is the logical choice if you’re hoping to purchase all the products needed to start growing plants indoors. We stock a full range of kits, from small entry level soil based kits to large set-ups using advanced hydroponics systems. We’ve eliminated the guesswork and done the hard work for you. All you have to do is find a kit that matches your budget and your needs.

This particular kit is our mid-range mid-sized hydroponics kit and it comes complete with a grow tent, grow light, hydroponics system, and a variety of nutrients and accessories to encourage happy and healthy plant growth. 

Our hydroponic grow tent kits are tailored to those who have some prior experience cultivating plants indoors. If you are a novice then we highly recommend choosing a soil based set-up initially as it will be easier to maintain and manage.

What’s in the kit?

  • Secret Jardin DS120 (120cm x 120cm x 185cm)
  • Parabolic Reflector (100cm) 
  • Maxibright Digilight 600W 
  • Sunmaster Dual Spectrum Lamp 600W
  • Maxiswitch 2-Way Light Controller with Grasslin Timer
  • Pair of Easy-Rolls
  • Ruck Fan RK150
  • Rhino Pro Filter 150/300 
  • Standard Ducting 150mm with clips
  • Wilma Big 4 System
  • 2 x Clay Pebbles 45L
  • Hesi Hydro Nutrient Starter Kit
  • Hesi Boost 1L
  • Plant Magic Evolution 125mm
  • HM Digital pH Pen
  • pH Up 250ml / pH Down 250ml
  • Budget EC Pen
  • 6 Inch Clip-On Fan 
  • ETI Digital Hygrometer

These are all the items you’ll need to get off to a flying start growing plants with a hydroponics system. If you want the best results possible and can stretch your budget further then you might want to consider our advanced hydro kit. Alternatively, if this kit is a little outside your price range, then we do also offer a value hydro kit that’s easier on the wallet and still has the potential to deliver good results.

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