Maxiswitch 2-Way Light Controller (10A) Day/Night

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The Day / Night model of the Maxiswitch range brings something a little different to the Maxiswitch range...

The unit works by diverting the live load around the segmental timer to a contactor/relay, the timer simply switches the contactor/relay to complete/break the circuit. This 2-way unit is rated to 10A, so it will switch up to 2 x 1000W grow lights (1000W grow lights draw 5A each in use), and also features a further two sockets that switch on when the other sockets switch off. These extra sockets are perfect for running heaters at night, or for running two lights in a 24 hour period with no chance of lighting crossover between systems.

The controller has two UK plugs running from it; one plugs straight into the wall-socket, the other plugs in through the segmental timer which dictates the light cycle. A Grasslin segmental timer is included in the price.

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