Maxibright Xpert 600W Ballast

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The Maxibright Xpert 600W ballast is a metal cased, mid-quality ballast that Maxigrow developed to offer their retailers a ballast that can be sold at a price point that matches the low quality, unbranded grow lights sold on Fleabay.

Features include:

  • Runs both HPS and Metal Halide Lamps
  • Quiet, but not silent start up and operation. If you need silent operation go for the Parbright instead.
  • One year Warranty (it’s made from Venture running gear, but if you want a long warranty got for the Ipac which will give you a 25 years warranty).
  • Great price point vs quality – Venture running gear at this price is outstanding value

The Xpert 600W ballast is also available in most of our grow light packages further reducing the cost of this already well priced, reliable magnetic ballast.

Highly recommended.

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