Maxibright T5 Lightwave

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The Lightwave T5 units provide the most even spread of fluorescent lighting currently available from a single unit - they are available in 2 lengths; the 2' version is ideal for small scale propagation while the larger 4' version lends itself to medium/larger scale propagation.

The 2' 2-Way unit measures 59cm(l) x 22.5cm(w) x 6cm(d) and houses 2 x 24W flourescent tubes with an on/off switch on the side. The 2' 4-Way unit measures 59cm(l) x 37cm(w) x 6cm (d).

The 4' 4-way unit measures 119cm(l) x 37cm(w) x 6cm(d) and houses 4 X 54W fluorescent tubes, it has an on/off switch mounted on the side of the unit. The 4' 8-way unit measures 119cm(l) x 66cm(w) x 6cm(d) and houses 8 X 54W fluorescent tubes, this unit has two switches on the side; one switch controls the central four tubes and the other switch controls the outer 4 tubes providing the user with the opportunity to vary the spread of light according to their requirements.

The units come with blue-spectrum lamps as standard but red lamps are also available.  Optimal results will be achieved when the light is 2-3cm from the top of the plants so we include two free easyrolls to facilitate easy adjustment.


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