Maxibright Ipac Pro Ballasts

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Maxibright Ipac Ballasts are made from top quality Venture gear and are assembled in the UK – they’re unique in the market in that they offer a 25 year guarantee.

As well as this industry leading guarantee they also feature:

- Smart Ignitor. This stops the ballast trying to ignite a hot lamp after a power cut - HPS & Metal Halide lamps need to be below a certain temperature to start correctly, trying to start a hot lamp can damage it.

- Thermal Cut Off. If the ballast were to overheat for some reason then it automatically cuts the power off, making it one of the safest magnetic ballasts out there.

- Runs both HPS and Metal Halide Lamps

- Quiet start up and silent running

- Well vented, cool running

- Delivers exactly 600W to the lamp at 240V - this ensures correct spectrum output and consistent yields

With the 25 year guarantee this is a ballast for life – they are slightly more than budget ballasts to buy up front, but if plan on using them for more than 2 years they’re an absolute no-brainer!

Highly recommended.

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