Maxibright CFL Lamps

Maxibright CFL lamps
Maxibright CFL lamps CFL Colours

The Maxibright CFL lamps are the best low-heat, low-cost and high build quality CFL lights on the market.

Available in blue spectrum (6400k) for vegetative growth and red spectrum (2700k) for flowering, these lamps have inbuilt ballasts and a standard E40 screw fitting allowing the 125W version to be used with any reflector apart from the Diamond.

The 250W model is larger and as such requires either the Powerplant High Output CFL Reflector or the CFL Pro Reflector. Both sizes of lamp can also be used with a simple four metre lamp lead.

As with all CFL lights, one of the key benefits – and keys to success – is positioning them close to the plants, around four to five centimetres is the ideal distance, as the heat emissions are significantly lower than HID lamps.

If you are looking to use CFL's as an additional light source, it's worth hanging them from a lamp lead to add some blue spectrum light as most plants respond well to this.

In our opinion this is the best CFL lamp since the early days of Envirolite - highly recommended.

**Please note we only ship this product to the UK mainland** 

**Please retain original packaging for your lamps to validate the 12 month warranty** 

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125W Maxibright CFL Lamp BLUE

£21.00 £21.00

125W Maxibright CFL Lamp RED

£21.00 £21.00

250W Maxibright CFL Lamp BLUE

£42.00 £42.00

250W Maxibright CFL Lamp RED

£42.00 £42.00
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