Magnetic Ballasts

  • Maxibright Ipac Ballast

    Maxibright Ipac Ballasts are made from top quality Venture gear and are assembled in the UK – they’re unique in the market in that they offer a 25 year guarantee. As well as this industry leading guarantee they also feature: - Smart Ignitor. This stops the ballast trying to ignite a hot lamp after a power cut - HPS & Metal Halide lamps need to be below a certain temperature to s...


  • Maxibright 600w Compact ballast

    The Compact Ballast by Maxibright features everything you would expect from a quality ballast. They can run both metal halide and sodium lamps and come fully encased and sealed in resin to ensure silent running and protection from excessive heat. Key features of the compact ballast include: Resin sealing for silent and cool operation Compatibility with both Metal Halide and HPS lamps Fully wall m...

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