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Lumatek are a market leading manufacturer of ballasts for the hydroponics and horticultural market and their range of dimmable digital ballasts are no exception to their commitment to quality and practicality. A supplier to universities, government research facilities, and large commercial nurseries, Lumatek ballast are approved and supported by many experts in the industry.

Every ballast in the dimmable range comes with four different power settings allowing you to take full control of the lighting in your growing environment. Included in these power settings is a ‘Super Lumen (SL)’ feature to give your lamp a 10% power boost.

Lumatek digital dimmable ballast key features include:

  • A Super Lumen feature to get a greater amount of light from your bulbs
  • Precise light output from your lamps even with voltage fluctuations
  • Fast start-up with bulbs often reaching full power in around one minute
  • Relatively cool and silent operation even with prolonged use
  • Four different power settings for greater control of your growing environment

Lumatek ballasts are also supplied with a five year warranty (three years full and two years pro-rated) for added peace of mind. The settings of each ballast are as follows:

Lumatek 250W

Can be adjusted to 150W, 175W, 250W, 250WSL

Lumatek 400W

Can be adjusted to 250W, 250WSL, 400W, 400WSL

Lumatek 600W

Can be adjusted to 400W, 400WSL, 600W, 600WSL

Lumatek 1000W

Can be adjusted to 600W, 750W, 1000W, 1000WSL

For complete technical specifications click the PDF link above (located at the top right of this description).

Our Opinion

Lumatek are renowned for superior quality and performance and this range of digital dimmable ballasts lives up to Lumatek’s great reputation. A little pricier than some of the other digital ballasts on the market but high-performance and a long warranty still makes these digital ballasts an economical choice - recommended for any grower who wants full control over the light in their growing environment.

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Dimmable Lumatek Digital Ballast 250W

£109.95 £103.00

Dimmable Lumatek Digital Ballast 400W

£132.55 £107.05

Dimmable Lumatek Digital Ballast 600W

£142.75 £122.40

Dimmable Lumatek Digital Ballast 1000W

£224.35 £204.00
Frequently asked questions:
Is the Super Lumen feature safe for my grow lamp?

Yes, for all quality high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps (for example Sunmaster grow lamps) there is no risk from running the Super Lumen setting. However, we wouldn’t recommend running this setting for lower quality lamps as the bulb may not be able to withstand the extra power. It is ok to run Super Lumen for prolonged periods but be aware that it will reduce the overall lifespan of your grow lamp.

We also don’t recommend using Super Lumen with metal halide (MH) lamps. The feature overpowers the bulb slightly and MH lamps are sensitive to this overclocking, often causing the bulb to blow or even worse the glass to shatter.

Dual spectrum and traditional HPS bulbs can withstand overclocking and Super Lumens is of greatest benefit when used with these bulbs anyway.

How does it put out ‘precise light’?

This is all to do with voltage. In the UK, voltage is meant to be 240v, but the reality is this ranges from about 215v to around 260v. This fluctuation affects traditional magnetic ballasts and the light they output but not the Lumatek’s because they are voltage regulators. Any fluctuation is controlled by the ballast and the same amount of light is put out no matter what the voltage is. Voltage will often fluctuate in a given day in any area / household due to the amount of ‘load’ being added to household / local electricity supplies.

Can I use any lamp with the Lumatek ballast?

Lumatek’s can be used with both metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps. Other lamp types, such as mercury vapour lamps, cannot be used with this ballast.

This is a digital ballast, does it have RF shielding?

Yes, all models of Lumatek now come with internal RF shielding. Lumatek also claim that of all ballast on the market, their range puts out the least amount of electro-magnetic interference (EMI). All ballasts in this dimmable range meet the international standards for electro-magnetic emissions.

Can I put these ballasts anywhere?

No. You need to be careful where you place the ballast to avoid any potential hazards. Lumatek ballasts should not be installed in areas of high heat (for example a confined cupboard) and should not be mounted to a reflector or stacked on top of each other. They should also be kept well away from water. If mounting multiple ballasts, make sure to space them at least six inches apart. Wall mounting or placing these ballast on raised bricks often works best.

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