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Secret Jardin TLED’s are 26 watt LED strip lights available in two versions, 6500k (blue) and 3000k (red). They’re designed primarily for grow tents and come supplied with clips to mount them vertically or horizontally to the frame of the tent, but can be used in just about any grow room situation.

They have three main uses:

To add colour spectrum. The most common use is to add more blue light (6500k) into grow tents that use dual spectrum lamps for both veg and flowering, this will help with keeping the intermodal length of plants compact, help overall plant health and increase end yield.

To add extra lighting power underneath the canopy. Positioning them under the plants near ground level will help the shaded levels of the plant increase flower production.

As propagation lights. The 6500K version can be used as a propagation light over young plants and propagators.

These versatile LED lights are another good example of the innovation that Secret Jardin have become so well known for – the extra yield they produce combined with their ease of use and sensible price point make them a no brainer addition to most grow tent setups.

Secret Jardin TLED's FAQ's:

Are they easy to install?

Yes very easy, check out this video from Secret Jardin, it shows all the different installion options:

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