Jupiter 2 Light Mover

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Made in Australia, the Jupiter 2 Light Mover is the sturdiest, most reliable light mover on the market. It allows users to run up to 6 lights at a time from one unit, the most any of it's competitors can manage is just two; this should give you some idea of the strength and reliability of the motor.

Another feature that sets this light mover out from the crowd is the ability to change the time delay at the end of each linear run, the smaller the area you are trying to cover the shorter the required time delay.

It should also be pointed out that light movers of any sort are very effective when used to increase the growing area by up to 30%. If you try to move lamps any further than this you will start to see a drop in yields. 

The Jupiter 2 is available in four different kits depending on how many lights you wish to move, for further info on which kit is right for you and how to use this product take a look at the manufacturers website.

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