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Hyper Fan
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Hyper Fan HyperFan And Controller

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The Hyper Fan from Phresh represent a step forwards in ventilation technology.

Hyper Fans feature a new blade design and employ cutting-edge multi-phase EC motors which deliver power to the blades in a smoother way than previously possible.  This combination results in vibration-free and efficient running which in-turn delivers reduced energy consumption and impressive airflow figures.

But where these fan really come into their own is under pressure (i.e. when you ask them to push/pull through a lot of ducting or draw air through a carbon filter), the reduction in airflow in these scenarios is less with the Hyperfan than with other fans in the same price-bracket.

Each Hyperfan comes with a digital speed controller as standard (non-thermostatic), and have an impressive 5 year warranty.

Hyper Fan Stats:

Flange (mm)          Airflow (m3/h)         Amps (A)            Wattage (W)           Sound (dB)

150                         535                             0.16                        35                             66                          

200                         1206                           0.31                        75                             68

250                         1810                           0.71                        170                           72

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