Growroom Fans

  • Ruck Fans
    CAN Fans RK

    The top-quality, German-made RUCK hydroponic fans are now branded CAN but are still some of the most reliable available and are perfectly suited for inline extraction and intake. In any indoor growing environment the flow of air is vital, both to remove unwanted heat from lighting and to provide fresh air for the plants. For each size of RUCK there is a high-powered ‘L’ model which has...

  • can max-pro fan
    CAN Max Pro Fans

    Can Max-Pro Fans are new to the Can Fan range and offer a solid alternative to the popular Hyper Fan range in both the 200mm and 250mm sizes. Made from a robust and lightweight plastic/fibreglass shell with built in mounts, the fan is simple to install and can be easily cleaned by opening the casing as and when required. All sizes are fitted with a two speed switch and thermal cut-out to preven...

  • Iso-Max Fans
    CAN Iso-Max Fans

    The Ruck Iso-Max fans are the Air Force II Acoustic Fans with new branding, as ever the fans incorporate high-quality, high-air movement Etaline fan motors into sealed acoustic cases. They can move very large amounts of air quietly and are much better at pulling air through carbon filters than standard fans. As well as being surprisingly lightweight for fans of this size and quality, the Iso-Max f...

  • CAN Max Fan
    CAN Max Fans

    The Etaline is designed and built to the highest standards in Germany by fan specialists RUCK. The three-dimensional curved blades efficiently direct air through the tube body where a “Stator” reduces turbulence, ensuring airflow is as smooth as possible. What this means to you and me is a reduction in energy loss and subsequently a comparatively cheap fan to run over its lifetime. ...

  • Gorilla Box Fans
    Gorilla Box Fans

    Box Fans are essentially much of a muchness with the majority being assembled in the UK by variety of different companies, some professional, some not. The Gorilla Box Fan are relatively new to the market and have incorporated some of the better points from existing brands of box fans into their range. Gorilla Box Fans features include: 18mm outer MDF 12mm acoustic inner lining Torin Safin int...

  • Stratos 250mm AC Fan
    Stratos 250mm Fan

    The Systemair Stratos 250mm AC fan is one of the better non-acoustic fans on the market offering good performance under high pressure loads at a sensible price. It outperforms most other fans in its size and power class including the Hyper Fan 250mm and the CAN-Max 250mm – this fan is very capable of pulling through a large filters and ducting runs. The only fan that outperforms it is the...

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