Hydroleca 8-16MM (Clay Pellets)

Hydroleca 8-16mm
Hydroleca 8-16mm

The best clay pebbles on the market, Gold Label Hydrocorn carries the RHP stamp to guarantee quality for this hydroponic growing medium.

Hydrocorn or hydroleca are clay pebbles that have been heated so they expand and become water absorbent - once they've reached saturation point they stop expanding and any excess water is flushed through.

The pebbles are designed to have a rough finish so as to trap air and oxygenate the nutrient solution as it flows over the Hydrocorn.

These pebbles are totally inert and will provide a pH stable, low-residue medium that can be used over and over again. We do recommend rinsing them with water before the first use, punching a few holes in the bottom of the bag and filling it from a garden hose is probably the easiest way.

We also recommend using clay pebbles in the bottom of soil pots and Autopots to help with drainage, about two litres in the bottom of a 10-15L pot will be fine.

Gold Label Hydrocorn is graded to measure from 8-16mm in diameter and is available in either 10L or 50L bags.

***Please note we only ship this product to the UK mainland***

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