Horizon 315W CMH Grow Light

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The Horizon 315W CMH kit is based on a wide angle, lightweight reflector designed specifically to spread light generated by 315W CMH lamps across wide growing areas.

Unlike the standard Daylight Reflector and Sun Systems LEC reflector, the Horizon is designed to be hung higher in the room using HPS lamps (at about the same height as you would hang a 1000W light) and cover larger areas – it’s pushes a significant amount of light out to the sides as opposed to downwards.

When hung at the correct height, it will cover a growing area of 1.2m x 2.4m with the output from a single 315w reflector. They are designed to be used with the daylight version of the CMH lamps as they add in a much wider spectrum of PAR - the result is much healthier plants but without losing the penetration capabilities of HPS lamps.

In theory it is possible to use these systems as standard growing lights as well – but other reflectors will deliver better yields in most cases.

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Horizon 315W CMH Grow Light FAQ's:

Are these ballasts dimmable?

No, 315W CMH lamps should not be dimmed.

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