HM Digital pH Meter

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New to our range of hydroponic accessories, the HM Digital pH pen is a reliable, robust pH meter that's an ideal upgrade from liquid test kits.

This easy-to-use PH pen has a clear LCD display giving readings to 0.1 on the pH scale with an accuracy of +/- 2%.

The pen features digital auto-calibration which makes it easy to calibrate using Buffer 4 or 7.

The HM Digital pH pen uses three 1.5V batteries (supplied with the pen) to give approximately 2 years of battery life.

HM Digital pH Meter FAQ's:

How do I calibrate this PH pen?

Due to the sensitivity of PH pens it's extremely important to calibrate yours regularly (we recommend calibrating at least once a week) to ensure readings stay accurate. If you're unsure how to calibrate your PH pen then check out our video guide below:

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