Growing Media

  • Premium Soils
    Premium Soils

    Plant Magic Soil Supreme, Canna Terra Professional Plus, Plagron Bat Mix Soil, Plagron Light Mix Soil, Biobizz PreMix, Biobizz Worm Humus, ...

  • Coco Coir
    Coco Coir

    Canna Coco Professional Plus, Plant Magic Coco Coir 50L, IWS Coco/Clay Mix 50L, ...

  • Cultilene

    Rockwool Cubes For Propagation, Rockwool Cubes For Transplanting, Rockwool Slabs, Grodan Cubes, ...

  • Clay Pebbles
    Clay Pebbles

    Commonly known as Hydrocorn or Hydroleca, clay pebbles are an organic growing medium primarily used in recirculating hydroponic systems. Here at Green’s we stock only the finest Gold Label clay pebbles. Gold Label pebbles carry the renowned RHP certified stamp to indicate superior quality and to guarantee peace of mind with your purchase. Clay pebbles are made by heating clay in a rotating k...

  • Perlite

    Perlite is a highly absorbant expanded volcanic glass and works well as both a media additive to increase water retention, and as a growing media in its own right. Perlite does not become soggy and its aerated structure ensures plenty of oxygen gets to the root zone. It also ensures good drainage so is ideal for use in flood & drain systems. As with other inorganic substrates, perlite is fr...

  • Vermiculite

    Vermiculite is a natural mineral that comes from Mica rock. Thanks to its vast surface area it is able to hold many times its own weight in water and so is an ideal substrate if you need to retain nutrients around the root zone. However Vermiculite comes into its own when used in conjunction with Perlite, which does not retain water well. A 50/50 mix is a popular combo that retains moisture but...

  • Fytocell

    Fytocell is inert foam that can be used as a soil improver to increase water and air retention or as a growing medium in its own right. This biodegradable foam is a great product that not only increases the water levels held in soil and coco but also increases aeration due to its structure. This ensures a near perfect air/water ratio at all times. We recommend soaking Fytocell for 24 hours befor...

  • Seramis Clay Granules

    Made from pure clay mined in Germany, Seramis is a high quality growing medium suitable for use in drip re-circulating hydroponic systems and passive hydroculture. It's main features include:- Inert, ph neutral and naturally disease resistant When used in hydroponics systems cannot be overwatered Does not break down, can be cleaned and re-used many times Very strong capilary action Increased nut...


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