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    Budbox C Series

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    Green Qube

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    Roof Qube

    // Roof-Qube Grow Tents from Green Qube, are newcomers to the market, however they are proabably the leaders in innovation. The Roof-Cube is the world's first grow tent with an angular-cut roof in order for it to sit comfortably in your roof or attic. Green-Cube have also paid attention to the quality of the construction and claim that the poles are the strongest on the market. Light-Proofi...

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    Large Grow Tents

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Grow Tents Buyers Guide

Growing tents are a quick, simple, and practical solution to creating an optimum indoor environment in which to grow your plants. They’re easy to assemble and come packed with useful features such as hanging points and support bars for lighting, water catchment trays, “socks” for effortless installation of extractor fans and cabling, and waterproofing and lightproofing to ease the process of effectively managing the growing environment.

There’s plenty of choice out there and picking the best tent for your needs can be a bit confusing. This buyers guide is intended to help you through the process of choosing the indoor growing environment that’s right for your individual situation.

Brands overview

With over 10 years of exerience in this sector of the market we've tested out most of the major brands, using this knowledge we've mainly settled on three of the best value for money brands available in the UK; Secret Jardin, BudBox, and Green-Qube / Roof-Qube.

Secret Jardin

Founded in 2006, Secret Jardin was the first manufacturer to use hammered effect Mylar in their tents. The use of Mylar has a double purpose, serving as a barrier to the toxins created by PVC as well as giving plenty of light to the plants, providing a reflectivity value of over 95%.

We like this brand because of their attention to detail, solid build quality and active devlopment cycle. Secret Jardin have made maintaining an optimum indoor growing environment easy - they're suitable for growing all types of plants, even those that require very specific conditions (such as orchids or tropical plants).

On our site you’ll find two different ranges from Secret Jardin; the Dark Street range and the Dark Room range. The Dark Rooms come with a selection of premium features over the Dark Street range, including extra intake and extraction vents, better quality tent materials, and extra access points to ease the process of maintaining your plants.

Green-Qube / Roof-Qube

Less established than Secret Jardin and BudBox but no less effective; UK based company Green-Qube have recently been making waves in the UK industry with innovative design and solid build quality. With years of experience in the hydroponics industry and by paying close attention to the demands of indoor growers, Green-Qube and Roof-Qube grow tents are packed full of thoughtful design.

Premium features of the Green-Qube / Roof-Qube range include double covered zips for 99% lightproofing, removable and waterproof spill trays, extremely sturdy support bars and uplift bars for easy installation of cabling and hydro systems, and 400d Mylar interior providing 98% light reflectivity.

The Roof-Qube range from Green-Qube is the first world’s first grow tent to feature an angular roof, helping growers to utilise restricted space in their lofts and attics. We’ve been really impressed with the quality of Roof-Qube and Green-Qube and also have had plenty of positive feedback from our customers.

Our Standards

We carefully chose our brands because they meet our strict standards on quality - all of the tents we sell are guaranteed to be:

  • Durable, hard wearing, and long lasting
  • Lightproof and waterproof
  • Highly reflective for optimal light dispersion
  • Phthalate free (non-toxic and safe for plants)

No tent makes it into our stock list without meeting these strict quality guidelines.

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