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  • Secret Jardin Grow Tents
    Darkroom Grow Tents

    Secret Jardin Darkroom Grow Tents are one of the original grow tents on the UK market - they're not the cheapest but offer an excellent quality level and unrivalled after sales care....

  • Secret Jardin Dark Street Grow Tent
    Darkstreet Grow Tents

    Small Grow Tent, Secret Jardin DS90 Grow Tent, Secret Jardin DS120 Grow Tent, Secret Jardin DS150 Grow Tent, ...

  • Secret Jardin Lodge Grow Tent
    Lodge Grow Tents

    Secret Jardin L90 Grow Tent, Secret Jardin L120 Grow Tent, Secret Jardin L160 Grow Tent, Secret Jardin L280 Grow Tent, ...

  • Secret Jardin Hydro Shoot Grow Tents
    Hydroshoot Grow Tents

    Secret Jardin HS40 Grow Tent, Secret Jardin HS60 Grow Tent, Secret Jardin HS80 Grow Tent, Secret Jardin HS100 Grow Tent, Secret Jardin HS120 Grow Tent, ...

  • Secret Jardin T90 Grow Tent
    Twin Grow Tents

    Secret Jardin T60 Grow Tent, Secret Jardin T90 Grow Tent, ...

  • Secret Jardin DP120 Grow Tents
    Dark Prop Grow Tents

    Secret Jardin DP60 Grow Tent, Secret Jardin DP90 Grow Tent, Secret Jardin DP120 Grow Tent, ...

  • Grow Tent Accessories
    Grow Tent Accessories

    Secret Jardin WebIT, Secret Jardin Monkey Fan, LED Grow Lights, ...


Grow Tents Buyers Guide

Secret Jardin growing tents are a quick, simple, and practical solution to creating an optimum indoor environment in which to grow your plants. They’re easy to assemble and come packed with useful features such as hanging points and support bars for lighting, water catchment trays, “socks” for effortless installation of extractor fans and cabling, and waterproofing and light-proofing to ease the process of effectively managing the growing environment.

With over 10 years of experience in this sector of the market we've tested out most of the major brands, with this knowledge we have decided to focus on the Secret Jardin as our leading product due to the innovative product range and continued product development, excellent customer support and long warranties.

We sell 8 different grow tent ranges from Secret Jardin, and can order in any other tents they sell  just give us a call if you can't see what you're after. Their full range can be found here.

Dark Room

This is their best selling range and one of the top selling tents in the World. They're certainly not the cheapest tents out there and if we're honest there are similar quality tents on the market at slightly better prices, but we like the feature set, the quality throughout and overall consistency of the product - they work well and give many years of trouble free service.

Dark Street

Every year Secret Jardin refresh their product line to keep the innovation moving forward, the feature sets that were on the Dark Rooms get added to the Dark Streets. So after quite a few revisions over the years the Dark Street is now a decent quality tent at a good price point, it's allot better than allot of the Chinese eBay crap out there but only slightly more expensive.

Dark Lodge

One of the most innovative tents on the market, the Lodge has three chambers, a growing chamber, a propagator and a chamber for a mother plant. These tents allow you to contain your entire growing cycle within one structure, a really efficient, clean way of growing.

Orca Tents

The Orca range of tents are made from this stuff. Orca grow film has been around for ages in the US is widely regarded as being the best material on the market for reflecting plant usable light, take a look at the technical info on their website. The ORCA tents are really good tents, just quality through and through, pricey for sure but they're one of those reassuringly expensive type of products.

Dark Propagator

These tents pretty much do what they say on the tin, available in three sizes they are dedicated propagation tents.

Dark Twin

The Dark Twin is a two chamber grow tent with the bulk of the tent being on the top, and a much smaller propagation area underneath. It's another novel idea that we really like and goes to show the thought and effort that Secret Jardin have put into developing their product range based on customers needs, they really do stand out from the crowd on this.


The Cristal is a propagation focused grow tent with a novel design that effectively turns the tent into a CFL reflector. They can be used with newly taken cuttings or seedlings, but they are more practical when used as a propagation area for young plants that have already been rooted.


The Hydroshhot range of tents are for people who are not looking for all the bells and whistles of the more expensive tents, such as the Darkroom range. They get the job done and are a good beginners tent.

Pole Strength

The one criticism that we hear allot about the Secret Jardin tents is the poles aren't as strong as for example the Green Qube. It is true that the poles are thinner, but after many years of selling both types of tents we have never has a single instance of the SJ tents not having a strong enough roof, it just doesn't happen. We actually got caught up in this way of thinking ourselves for a while, but in the end we decided that we were much more concerned with product variety, innovation and excellent customer service - and these are the areas where Secret Jardin's really stand out from the crowd.

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