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Grow Tent Kit Buyers Guide

If you’re looking for a simple and cost effective way to buy all the necessary products to cultivate plants at home then look no further than a complete grow tent kit. We’ve carefully compiled a diverse range of fully functional grow tent kits designed to accommodate for all growing needs. Whether you’re a beginner starting out or a seasoned pro looking for a cutting edge system, we’ve got the kit to match your needs.

Grow tent kit breakdown

Our kits can be broken down in three ways:

  • The type of growing medium used (soil or hydro)
  • The size of the grow tent / growing environment
  • The price and performance ability of each kit

Simply select the growing medium you want to use and you’ll see our range of complete grow kits; from small budget kits to large advanced systems.

Value series kits

These are our entry level kits and we’ve tailored them to growers that are either on a tight budget or are just starting out and want to test the water before purchasing a more expensive kit. With our value series you’ll still get everything you need to start growing.

All of the products in our value series are of a high enough quality to offer a decent level of performance, yet affordable enough to accommodate those who need a cheap and cheerful system. However, it is worth bearing in mind that these are entry level kits, and although they still have the potential to deliver great results, they will not offer the performance levels of a mid-series or advanced series complete grow tent kit.

They are however much better value for money than most of the kits you will find on eBay, we don’t believe in buy cheap buy twice here at Green’s.

Mid series kits

These kits are aimed at those who have a moderate budget to work with and want a tent package that can offer greater potential for bigger yields. All products included in our mid series range of grow tent kits are a level above the value series and are ultimately geared to increasing the performance of your plants.

Extras in our mid series kits include added nutrients and accessories as well as a better quality grow tent and grow light system to ensure you have a greater chance of obtaining increased yields.

Advanced series kits

These high-end kits are aimed at the grower who doesn’t mind spending a little extra to get the best possible performance from their plants. Our advanced kits have been carefully selected to create a range of high performance market leading grow tent packages.

With the advanced complete grow tent kits you’ll get state of the art equipment, including high performing, long warranty grow tents and grow light systems, advanced environmental tools to help maintain total control of your growing environment, and a comprehensive range of nutrients and accessories to boost plant performance and overall results.

Choosing soil or hydro

Choosing the right growing medium matters and there are a few key differences when choosing between cultivating plants in a soil or hydroponic grow tent kit.

Hydroponics based system are known to outperform soil based systems, but only when the grower has the knowledge and expertise to properly maintain the system. Hydro growing to maintain constantly high yields  and if you get it wrong then at best your yields will suffer, and at worst you’ll lose crops completely.

Soil is a natural way to grow plants and acts a natural buffer between your plants and the nutrients they need (and at times user error!). Therefore soil is much more forgiving if you encounter common plant issues such as nutrient deficiencies etc. If you don’t know hydroponics that well or are a novice grower, we recommend starting out with a soil complete grow tent kit for consistent results and a smoother transition into the world of indoor gardening.

Buying the best you can afford

We always recommend that you buy the best you can afford when choosing your grow tent kit. The main products in our kits have relatively long lifespans. For example, a premium grow tent, reflector, and carbon filter will easily last a couple of years before needing replacement, if not longer, and will carry long warranties to give you the peace of mind that this is the case.

Choosing a tent size

This size of the tent you want to use is obviously down to you and the space you have to work with. Apart from some basic plant maintenance such as pruning leaves, the products in our complete grow tent kits ensure it’s just as easy to create and maintain an optimum growing environment in a large tent as it is for a small tent.

However, when choosing a tent size we recommend you take into account the space you’ll need to leave for intake ports and other grow room accessories. In general you should plan to leave about a 12 inch perimeter of free space around your tent - this will be plenty to ensure you adequately accommodate your grow tent kit.

Need further help or have some specific questions?

That’s the essential info you’ll need to buy a kit – hopefully you now have most of the info you need to decide which grow tent kit is likely to best suit you. However, if you want more detailed information on our range of kits, or have a question about a particular grow tent kit, give us a call on 0117 971 3000 and we’ll do our best to answer any further questions you may have.

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