Grow Tent Accessories

  • Secret Jardin Monkey Fan

    The Monkey Fan from Secret Jardin is an 8” air circulation fan featuring a unique attachment that allows it to clip to the vertical poles of grow tents with zero chance of it falling off. Moving the fan up and down is easy, however its limitation is that if you want to hang it off one of the top horizontal poles of the tent, the unique no fall aspect kinda goes out the window. However, it&rs...

    Innovative Design
    Best Seller

  • Secret Jardin TLED

    Secret Jardin TLED’s are 26 watt LED strip lights available in two versions, 6500k (blue) and 3000k (red). They’re designed primarily for grow tents and come supplied with clips to mount them vertically or horizontally to the frame of the tent, but can be used in just about any grow room situation. They have three main uses: To add colour spectrum. The most common use is to add more bl...


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