Grow Room Products

  • Fan and Filter Kits
    Fan and Filter Kits

    Fan and Filter Kits Ruck, Fan and Filter Kit Value, Fan and Filter Kits Budget, ...

  • Hydroponics Fan Ruck Fans
    Growroom Fans

    SystemAir Revolution Vector EC Fans, RUCK Fans, Hyper Fan, Hyper Fan Stealth, Ruck IsoMax Acoustic Fans, Etaline Fans, ...

  • Carbon Filters
    Carbon Filters

    Rhino Filters, 4 Inch Carbon Filters, 5 Inch Carbon Filters, 6 Inch Carbon Filter, 8 Inch Carbon Filter, 10 Inch Carbon Filter, 12 Inch Carbon Filter, ...

  • Ducting and Ductwork
    Ducting and Ductwork

    Acoustic Ducting, Aluminium Ducting, Ducting Clips, Ducting Reducers, Fast Clamps, Heavy Duty Cable Ties, T Pieces, 90 Degree Bend, Wall Flanges, Plastic Reducing Y Piece, Couplers, Heat Resistant Tape, Back Draft Shutters, ...

  • Sheeting

    Diamond Grow Reflective Sheeting, Black and White Sheeting, Total Blackout 3m Wide, Shade Netting, Floor Secure, Velcro Strips, ...

  • Environmental Control
    Environmental Control

    Digital Hygrometer, Large Screen Hygrometer, Budget Analogue Hygrometer, Max Min Thermometer, SMS Fan Controller with Thermostat 6.5A, SMS Fan Controller without Thermostat 6.5A, SMS Smart Controller 5A, SMS Twin Fan Speed Controller 4.5A, Ziehl Abegg Fan Speed Controller, Hylite Tubular Heater, ...

  • Ona Gel
    ONA Gel

    Like the name suggests, Odour Neutralising Agent (ONA) Blocks and Gel are a great way of combating unwanted smells. Available as either gel or block and in a choice of fragrances, ONA has a wide variety of application and places where it can be used. The ONA Block is a low-cost way of managing smells and can also be used by drilling a few holes in the lid to extend its lifespan. Some people have a...

  • Exhale CO2 Bags
    CO2 Bags

    ExHale Co2 bags are a good way to create a continuous supply of natural carbon dioxide for your growing environment - they utilise natural mycelial mass to create carbon dioxide. Once they’ve expired the organic mycelial mass can easily be recycled and used for composting / adding to soil. Carbon dioxide is continuously generated by ExHale bags for a period of around 3-6 months after purchas...


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